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 * Copyright (C) 1999,2000,2001 Frank Hale
 * frankhale@yahoo.com
 * http://sapphire.sourceforge.net/
 * Updated: 3 Nov 2001
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
 * modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
 * as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2
 * of the License, or any later version.
 * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 * GNU General Public License for more details.
 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 * Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307, USA.

#ifndef _WM_HH_
#define _WM_HH_

#include "sapphire.hh"

class WindowManager 

private: /* variables */

      LinkedList<BaseMenu> *menulist;
      LinkedList<BaseMenu> *extramenulist;
      LinkedList<Client>   *ClientList;

      Client            *head_client;     

      Toolbar     *t;
      IconMenu    *im;
      RootMenu    *rm;  
      Theme             *theme;
      BImageControl     *image_control;
      BaseMenu    *menu;

      Atom        xa_wm_state;
      Atom        xa_wm_change_state;
      Atom        xa_wm_protos;
        Atom            xa_wm_delete;
      Atom        xa_wm_cmapwins;
      Atom        xa_wm_take_focus;
      Atom        xa_wm_motif_hints;

      Window            root;
      Display           *dpy;
      Visual            *visual;
      Pixmap            font_pix;
      XFontStruct *xfont;     

      XGCValues   gv;
      XColor            xforeground_color;
      XColor            xbackground_color; 
      XColor            xborder_color;

      GC          invert_gc;
      GC          string_gc;
      GC          border_gc;

      Cursor            move_curs;
      Cursor            resize_curs;
      Cursor            left_arrow;
      char        *display;
      char        *font;
      char        *menufont;
      char        *foreground_color;
      char        *background_color;
      char        *border_color;

      int         depth;
      int         xres;
      int         yres;
      int         shape_event;
      int         colors_per_channel;
      int         toolbar_position;
      int         toolbar_visible;
      int         screen;
      int         iheight;
      int         font_position;

      bool        image_dither;
      bool        shape;
      bool        menu_event;

      // Configuration file stuff
        char            *clock_format;
      char        *configurationPath;
      char        *windowmanager_conf;

      static KeySym     AltKeys[];

      // member functions below
      WindowManager(int argc, char **argv);

      XColor      getBorderColor()        const { return xborder_color; }
      XColor      getForegroundColor()    const { return xforeground_color; }
      XColor      getBackgroundColor()    const { return xbackground_color; }
      GC    getInvertGC()           const { return invert_gc; }
      GC    getStringGC()           const { return string_gc; }
      GC    getBorderGC()           const { return border_gc; }
      int   getIHeight()            const { return iheight; }
      char*       getMenuFont()           const { return menufont; }
      Cursor      getMoveCursor()   const { return move_curs; }
      Cursor      getResizeCursor()       const { return resize_curs; }
      Cursor      getLeftArrowCursor()    const { return left_arrow; }
      XFontStruct* getXFont()       const { return xfont; }

      bool getShape()         const { return shape; }
      void setShape(bool s) { shape=s; }
      int getFontPosition() const { return font_position; }

      Theme* getTheme() const { return theme; }

      void changeTheme(char* themeFile);

      // Client List member functions
      void insertClient(Client *c) { ClientList->insert(c); }
      void removeClient(Client *c) { ClientList->remove(c); }

      unsigned int getClientCount() const { return ClientList->count(); }
      LinkedList<Client>* getClientListObject() const { return ClientList; }

      // Server Grab member functions     
      void Grab() { XGrabServer(dpy); }
      void Ungrab() { XUngrabServer(dpy); }
      void SyncUngrab() { XSync(dpy, False); XUngrabServer(dpy); }

      void addToMenuList(BaseMenu *m) { menulist->insert(m); }
      void addToExtraMenuList(BaseMenu *m) { extramenulist->insert(m); }
      void reconfigureMenu();
      void removeFromMenuList(BaseMenu *m) { menulist->remove(m); }
      LinkedList<BaseMenu>* getMenuList() { return menulist; }          
      BaseMenu* findInMenuList(Window *w);
      Atom getWMChangeStateAtom() const { return xa_wm_change_state; }
      Atom getWMStateAtom() const       { return xa_wm_state; }
      Atom getWMDeleteAtom() const      { return xa_wm_delete; }
      Atom getWMProtocolsAtom() const   { return xa_wm_protos; }
      Atom getWMFocusAtom() const       { return xa_wm_take_focus; }
      Atom getWMColormapAtom() const    { return xa_wm_cmapwins; }
      Atom getMotifWMHintsAtom() const      { return xa_wm_motif_hints; }

      int   getDepth() const { return depth; }
      int   getScreen() const { return screen; }
      Visual* getVisual() const { return visual; }
      int   getColorsPerChannel() const { return colors_per_channel; }
      bool    getImageDither() const { return image_dither; }
      BImageControl *getImageControl() const { return image_control; }

      Display* getDisplay() const { return dpy; }
      Window  getRootWindow() const { return root; }

      RootMenu* getRootMenu() const { return rm; }
      IconMenu* getIconMenu() const { return im; }
      Toolbar*  getToolbar() const { return t; }

      void grabPointer(Window w, unsigned int mask, Cursor curs);
      void ungrabPointer();

      void quit_nicely();
      void restart();
      void start_another_windowmanager(char * wmCommand);
      int getXRes() const { return xres; }
      int getYRes() const { return yres; }

      char* getClockFormat() const { return clock_format; }
      //void handleKeyPress(XEvent *ev);

      // desktop is from 0 to 15, inclusive (not a bit mask like in changeDesktop)
      void goToDesktop(int desktop);
      void goToNextDesktop();
      void goToPreviousDesktop();

      void setMenu(BaseMenu* bm) { menu=bm; }
      void setMenuEvent(bool me) { menu_event=me; }

private: /* member functions */
      int QueryShapeExtentions();
      void scan_windows();
      void do_event_loop();   
      void createFontPixmap();
      void createMenuFontPixmap();
      void saveCurrentTheme();
      void getCurrentTheme();

extern WindowManager *wm;


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